The Fear Of Getting Old

by THID (The Homeless Is Dead)

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60 copies on tapes... let us know to order
also available through Moment Of Collapse on black and clear vinyl, as a 7"


released December 28, 2012

recorded by ourselves, mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.




THID (The Homeless Is Dead) Saint Petersburg, Russia

a 4-piece band from St.Petersburg, Russia.
our 2-track demo is out and sold out, thanx to Victim Distro, Moscow.
the new record is called The Fear Of Getting Old and it's available through Moment Of Collapse (Germany) as a 7" on black and clear vinyl. we also heve it on a limited amount of tapes (60)
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Track Name: Hollow Houses
we're like orphans
lost the way
what we thought was over
starts again today

there's no hope
there's nothing in our eyes
while dads
are drinking themselves to death
mothers teach
their children to lie

if there had been the way
we've lost it in the darkness of days
we enter the vicious circle
and it's closed as the snake bites its tail
Track Name: Johann VI
inside me
gnawing through his path
inside us - in every crack
daemon. his birth unlasts
only when we stop breathing.
not the same as yours
my own - he starts to rot
cause I don't fight him

he's fed up with grief
his desease nourishes me
he tries to resist
to the wreck I've become
I got used to the pain
and the daemon is gone
Track Name: Social Gum
society is dumb
they'll never understand
one will make them do what's right
with the example of himself
cause they don't use their heads

this is the mission
destroying the scene
this is the reason
we're not giving in
this is the way
we live to explain
nothing can be done
unless you raise a hand
Track Name: The Illizarov Apparatus
do we still stand for the meaning?
is there anything implied?
can we float in a damaged vessel
or we'll drown in the waves and die?

your regards - they don't matter
all the deeds - lost in time
holy aspects are senseless
all that's divine

dark waters devouring light
too deep in that liquid
flown out with the tide
Track Name: Temporarily Muslim
el conocimiento es una condena
Track Name: Diogenis
too many words
are faced with reflection
savior enslaves
and controls our actions

I should say
I'll never believe
that indulgence has powers
to bring you reliefs

I'm getting afraid
of people whose faith
makes them think they can murder
and be forgiven in the name of god
Track Name: Captain Thomas
someone was drowned in the sea
was washed by the waves of disgust
through the selfishness and greed
he led his ship to the bottom
not to face the reality
to escape the reality
full of rapists and pricks
murderers and sadists

this is the captain and his crew
Track Name: The Death Of The Concubine
I became more disillusioned
and I'm not into this alone
you're given birth
an already consumer
and consumer's not rarely dumb

if you're dumb you must be pretty mental
and the whole society is
so we're kept in the closed space

our earth with no anger at us
but diseases spread widely and fast
so mankind's trying to invade the outer space
this is the mental space with no limits and borders
but those that sick people create
this is the overtaking craziness and it's boiled
by the increasing dumbness
our chief, did he ever exist?
just at least to keep an eye on us all
I think we're left alone hopeless and diseased
and no one would ever like
to have some deal with you or me
maybe it's right but we still don't fucking die
too nice conditions for bastards like us
who can't even keep the place we live in clean