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Samostrel (Russian) can be translated to English as `a crossbow` or `an arbalest`, we would just call it kind of a self-firing device.


(i have to) be at the wheel
i have to take control
i have to know the time and place
sober and alone
i cant rely on anyone
i cannot take my time
i cannot trust i cannot wait
i cant bow down
i`m scared, i`m scared of death
i`m scared of death around me
not death inside of me
you`re welcome here
to take the wheel
and drown me in the waters
dark enough
for me to stop
being trapped between
life and death


released July 24, 2013




THID (The Homeless Is Dead) Saint Petersburg, Russia

a 4-piece band from St.Petersburg, Russia.
our 2-track demo is out and sold out, thanx to Victim Distro, Moscow.
the new record is called The Fear Of Getting Old and it's available through Moment Of Collapse (Germany) as a 7" on black and clear vinyl. we also heve it on a limited amount of tapes (60)
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